We are a small family enterprise. The founder G. N. Stavrakis agronomist, chemist, and doctor of Entomology (Univ. Paris), after 25 years of work in Agricultural research, the year 1979 creates PHYTOPHYL a private laboratory of phytomedical products, with basic object the production of food attractants for the fruit flies, Dacus oleae and Ceratitis capitata. After 1996 his son Dr. N. G. Stavrakis chemist is managing the company.


Our firm is one of the main producers of insect attractants in Greece. We have registration and produce two fruit-fly attractants. ENTOMELA 75SL for bait-sprays against Dacus oleae and Ceratitis capitata and ENTOMELA 50SL.

We also manufacture the insect trap ELKOFON which we utilize with the above insect attractants.


We export these three products in Spain by means of Aragonesas Agro S.A. The ENTOMELA 75SL is registered (No 20074/05) in Spain with the commercial name of DACONA.

We also export in Great Britain and Cyprus.